Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The mid-century modern movement is so much more than the sets you see on TV shows like Mad Men or the iconic, highly sought-after pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair or the Noguchi Coffee Table. 

Characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and a minimalistic yet functional approach, the mid-century modern furniture movement dates back to the 1940s, a period of significant change in furniture design that was influenced by the post-war economic boom. 

Mid-century modern designers Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, and Hans Wegner transformed traditional furniture into sleek and modern pieces that reflected the post-war optimism of the time. Their designs focused on functionality while being aesthetically pleasing and to this day, remain relevant and enduring. Mid-century modern’s simple lines, uncluttered space, and functionality makes it an ideal choice for today’s homeowners who want to create a seamless flow from space to space, with an emphasis on openness and clean lines. And for furniture designers like us, the mid-century modern movement provides an endless source of inspiration.

Like all our furniture, the materials you see in mid-century modern furniture are of top-notch quality. Wood, metal, leather, and even injection-molded plastics became popular choices, with companies like Herman Miller and Knoll at the forefront, producing some of the most iconic pieces of the time. Skilled craftspeople paid attention to every detail, ensuring that these furniture pieces were made to last.

Even though it had its heyday in the mid-century period, mid-century design still feels fresh and relevant today. You can mix mid-century modern pieces with contemporary furniture and create a cohesive look that works beautifully. It's a versatile style that blends seamlessly with different interior design aesthetics, whether you're going for Scandinavian, modern, or even rustic vibes. 

Functionality and practicality are top priorities in mid-century modern furniture. The designs make efficient use of space, with a focus on usability and comfort. 

We know we may be biased, but mid-century modern furniture truly does have it all: timeless design, functionality, and craftsmanship. It seamlessly blends with different styles, adds value to your home, and brings a touch of sophistication to your space.