• Do you offer custom sizes?

    Yes! We’re happy to build a size that works for you. Contact us with your dimensions and wood choice for a quote.

  • Can I choose to add my own drawer hardware?

    Yes. When adding the item to your cart, you may choose to add our standard finger-hole or “no hole” for DIY hardware.

  • Are Trade discounts available?

    Sorry, our small business works on very thin margins. We are not able to offer trade discounts at this time. We can offer discounts for volume if you are looking to put together a large order. Please contact us for details.


  • All measurements are exterior dimensions-- what are the interior dimensions?

    Finished wood thickness is 5/8” so the interior width and height is 1.25” less than exterior dimensions. The solid back with the integrated mounting cleat is 1/2” with a 3/4” cleat for a total interior depth of less 1.25”. For our Media and Storage cabinets with sliding doors, subtract another 3/4” for the doors, total is less 2” for back and doors combined. Contact us if you have questions.

  • I am unsure of size, what do I do?

    We always recommend that our clients make a simple mock-up in cardboard and tape in place to the wall. This will give you a very good idea of size and scale in your space.

  • Do you have a showroom?

    No yet! We’re hoping to build a retail space in the future, but for now, just a humble workshop. Sign up for our newsletter-- you’ll be the first to know about our new retail shop in the future.

  • What is your return policy?

    We are happy to take returns for standard items that arrive back in good shape. If damage occurs during the trip back to us, we may need to deduct a portion of your refund for repair costs. Custom item sales are final.

  • Do you have pieces in-stock that ship immediately?

    Orders are built to order, but sometimes we do have returns, samples and seconds. Please contact us.

  • Can I receive samples of the hardwoods you offer?

    Yes! Here is a link to our samples.

  • Will you offer a discount for purchasing multiple items?

    If you are planning on purchasing 5 or more pieces, please contact us for a discount schedule.

  • I need to cancel my order.

    No problem. Send us a note with your order number.


  • When will my order ship?

    Normally, we ship orders about 4 weeks from the date of purchase. Sometimes we ship a little early if we can and sometimes a bit longer. We’ll reach out to you if your order is taking longer than anticipated.

  • Do you offer a “RUSH” service?

    Yes! Please select this option when adding your product to the cart. The charge is per order. This service is limited to 3 items per order and will receive priority in our production line. 10 day shipment guarantee from the date of order.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Please visit our Etsy Shop for international orders. From this website, we only offer free shipping to the lower 48 contiguous United States. We also ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Will I receive tracking information when my order ships?

    Yes-- when your order ships, an automated note will be sent complete with tracking info.

  • What happens if damage occurs during shipment?

    Any damage to your delivery must be noted BEFORE accepted from the delivery service. If damage is reported with the delivery service, insurance can be claimed. Please be sure to inspect your delivery carefully before accepting. If you have found damage inside the package, contact us for repair tips.

  • My package seems to be lost -- what should I do?

    Most lost shipments are found eventually. Double check with your carrier, neighbors and receiving departments. Contact us if your order is truly lost, but once the tracking info posts as “delivered”, there is very little we can do other than initiate an investigation with the delivery service (which we will happily do).

  • I want to delay shipment to coordinate with renovations-- can you schedule delivery?

    No problem. Contact us with your delivery needs and we’ll schedule accordingly.


  • Can you ship your pieces unfinished and paint/stain ready?

    Yes! If you’d like to add a stain or paint yourself, leave us a note at checkout.

  • Is painting an option?

    Sorry, we do not paint or stain here. We can ship unfinished if necessary. Leave a note at checkout if you prefer your furniture unfinished and paint-ready.

  • What type of finish do you use?

    We use pure Tung oil thinned with citrus solvent on all our pieces. It is VOC free and very durable. Click Here to download our furniture care guide.

  • I have allergies/ sensitivities -- do you use harsh chemicals to finish your furniture?

    We use only 100% VOC free and food-grade finishes. Here’s a link to the specific products we use.

  • I have a scratch. Can you offer advice for refinishing myself?

    Yes-- here’s a link to our furniture care guide, most problems can be solved with some simple sanding and wiping on a fresh coat of finish. Contact us if you’ve got a complex problem.

  • How should I care for my furniture pieces?

    Here’s a link to our Furniture Care Guide.


  • How much weight can these pieces hold?

    There is not a specific weight limit due to installation variables (wall construction, number and type of anchors used, number of studs anchored, etc). If properly installed and connected to wall studs, these pieces are very strong indeed!

  • Is installation complicated?

    No! Very straightforward, see here.

  • What tools will I need to install?

    You'll find a detailed list on our install guide.

  • What is a “French Cleat”?

    Basically, it’s a strap of wood that is screwed tight to the wall and mates with corresponding straps of wood built into the case back. Check out our install video for a visual.

  • My walls are very irregular... is there troubleshooting help with installation?

    Yes-- see our install video.

  • My walls are plaster, not drywall... will this change the install process?

    Only slightly-- the drywall anchors will work in plaster, you’ll just need to pre-drill for them and possibly through the lathe. See our install guide and video for more.


  • Where are you located?

    We’re in Portland, Maine!

  • Any new pieces coming out soon?

    Yes! Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted!

  • Do you run Sales?

    Normally we do not, but sometimes we offer seconds and samples. Join our Instagram following for updates.