The Benefits of Floating Furniture

The Benefits of Floating Furniture

By Tim Krovel

The Benefits of Floating Furniture

The phrase “floating furniture” can mean a couple different things these days. Floating furniture can refer to the practice of moving all furniture towards the center of a room away from the walls to give the illusion of more space, to create a sense of intimacy, and to allow for more movement along the perimeter.

Floating furniture can also refer to what we make here at Krøvel Furniture Co. Magicians never reveal their secrets, but as furniture makers and designers we’re happy to tell you how it’s done. Our furniture is made to hang on a wall, free of legs of course, and also using hardware that isn’t visible once the piece is hung. The hidden hardware used to fasten these pieces securely to the wall is key to achieving that floating-in-space look. 

So why might someone choose floating furniture over a traditional piece of furniture?

Like all good design, floating furniture offers benefits in both form and function. When considering nightstands, for example, a leg-less wall-hung table can offer a clean modern look while also offering the space a lighter feeling. Simply put, the appearance of more space makes the room feel larger and less cluttered. This is especially important in small spaces where every inch needs to be maximized. 

Functionally, floating furniture makes it easy to keep your space organized and clean. Vacuuming under a floating table helps tell the whole story: goodbye dust bunnies and carpet dimples! 

We make everything from floating nightstands and TV media tables to floating bookcases, entryway shelves, and even desks. For an easy-on-the-eyes, space-saving, modern solution, floating furniture can do the trick–in any room.